"I've been cooking gluten, wheat and dairy-free for over twenty five years;   way before it became trendy."

Antoinette suddenly developed food intolerances, and after 18 months of all the usual hospital tests was advised she was not allergic to anything. However, it was obvious by the severe reactions that gluten, wheat and dairy were no longer healthy options.  Antoinette skilfully extended and modified her cookery knowledge using great flair to develop and write world-renowned allergy free recipes and cookery books. 

Her determination and skill made her one of the founders of the gluten-free and wheat-free movement more than 20 years ago. To encourage and entice people with food intolerances to easily produce mouth-watering meals, for all occasions, she has written more than 15 cookbooks. These books have been in both traditional bookseller and online best-selling lists.

Antoinette continues experimenting with new ingredients and converting much loved traditional recipes into delicious new recipes to cater for everyone suffering in the same way. These have led her to extensive media appearances both in US and for UK, and outstanding reviews in, amongst others: Washington Post, The Sunday Times, NY Times. With typical enthusiasm and panache, she also writes elegant eBooks and themed collections of recipes. 

About  Me:

Antoinette introduces her latest collection of contemporary and delicious recipes to suit every season, all tastes and budgets, for all those who are wheat, gluten and dairy intolerant. 

The recipes are smart, modern, international and, by using alternative ingredients such as coconut milk and rice flour, anything but depriving. There are over 120 recipes for vegetarian dishes, lunches and suppers, soups and starters, main courses, fish and seafood, game and poultry, meat, desserts and puddings, cakes, muffins, cookies, breads and tarts.

A  few  words  about  me

why gluten-free,  Wheat-free,   and Dairy-free

  Antoinette has been writing cookbooks for the past 25 years. Her love of food over this time has been awarded great acclaim in Great Britain, Europe and America.

 For many years, Antoinette had a catering company centred in London cooking corporate dinners, private banquets and receptions for numerous City organisations and high-profile and exacting clients both in Europe and US.